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The association meets on a regular basis,  now meeting on the first Tuesday of the month at the St Paul’s Church Centre, next to St Paul’s Church, Hook Road, at 8pm.

The association holds an Annual General Meeting in May each year to which all paid up residents are invited to attend, when we invite a special guest to give a talk on matters affecting our community.   The subscription is currently £3.00 per household per year, and donations are always gratefully received.

The Executive committee consists of a Chairman, two Vice Chairmen, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Honorary Auditor and members.   Throughout the year members will attend meetings that are of interest to us and report back on their findings.   In this way we are able to provide feedback for consultations; for example, we are currently taking part in the consultation for the Housing Strategy.

A regular item on our agenda is Visiting Members Questions, which gives an opportunity for those members who have a particular point of interest to put their questions at an Executive meeting.

If you wish to contact the association, our email address is:


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