Chessington District Residents’ Association



For the meeting to be held on 5th of December 2017

At St Paul’s Centre, Hook Road – 8pm











10. POLICE REPORT                                                                                                11.ANY OTHER BUSINESS



Of the meeting held on the 14th of November 2017


Chairman – Colin Punch, Vice Chairman – Mike Hoare,  Treasurer - Diane Brannan, Colin Dance,  Brian Ekins, Graham Hedley, Rob Robb, Colin Suckling,  Sue Towner, Dick Ware, Sheila Watkins


Joan Carter, Rene Piercey, Dr Naseef - Orchard Practice,                                          Jackie Dore- RBK Ranger.                      


Councillor Andrew Day, Councillor Margaret Thompson,                                              Jenny Lewington, Peter Shakeshaft, Colin Suckling, Sue Towner


(a ) The Chantry Area Residents Association (CARA) contacted us to tell us that they have decided to close.  They would like to give us their funds and join our residents association.  We are of course pleased to accept them.                    


The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record of that meeting.


( b )Snow Friends - Jackie Dore one of the four RBK Community Rangers attended our meeting to tell us about the Council’s ‘Snow Friends’ scheme. Snow Friends are local residents who volunteer to grit pavements and clear snow in their local area.  If you volunteer to become a Snow Friend you will be provided with a free induction session, guidance notes and equipment including: a snow shovel, salt, shoe grips and a high visability vest.  Jackie showed this equipment to the meeting and a few of us are intending to sign up.

To become a snow friend please email or call 020 8547 5000 to register. 

Jackie also told us about other jobs that her role entails. She will remove graffiti, cut back small pieces of shrubbery that sticks out on pathways, put up notices on our local notice boards and clean street name signs plus, many other things.  Jackie will be pleased to hear from you if you know of anything that needs to be done in your area.  Her email address is

( c ) Toilets in Hook Road –  Last month we wrote ‘One of our members asked that a request be made to RBK or whoever owns the public toilets between Holmwood Road and Shere Close to tidy the area up or put some hoarding to hide the building as it is a complete eyesore to local residents.


Hoarding has now been put up around the building. Councillor Thompson has subsequently advised us that it appears that the toilets may be converted into a cab office with cars parking in Shere Close.  She is in the process of finding out how accurate this is as she believes that it is clearly in the wrong place



There were no Major Issues



( d )  Elmcroft Drive Crash Barrier –  Last month we wrote  ‘ Mike Hoare advised that Transport for London (TfL) have now put in the new barriers. However, they are standard barriers and not as strong as the original. We are hoping that they will be sufficient to prevent any cars crashing through the barriers onto the A3.


At this meeting Mike told us that the signage is inadequate. There is no signage on the new barriers and as the road signage is very high and on a section of the road is where cars can park, causing distraction, there was still a big problem.  Mike informed us that a car had been seen trying to access Elmcroft Drive by turning left from the A3 onto Hook Rise South.  This would have meant that they were travelling against one way traffic and could potentially have caused a big accident.


This month Mike advised us that a Police car had also turned left into Hook Rise so as to go against the traffic. He says that that TfL will paint ‘no entry’ on the road.  Mike thinks that it should also be written on the barrier.


( e  ) Woodgate Play Area –  Following the good news that the Woodgate Play Area has won funding to have the play area refurbished, on the 5th of October our association attended a meeting with the designated designer HAG to review the final design.

·        The play facilities and picnic benches will be wheelchair friendly which will be ideal for Yorda Adventures, who are a charity who provide stimulating play for young people and children with disabilities and who are located just a short distance away

·        Outside the play area there will be facilities such as a zip wire, rope swings and climbing a structure for older children.

·        There will be adult exercise machines which will provide an opportunity for us all to get fit. 

·        There will be sitting areas for mums and dads to sit and chat if they do not want to use the exercise machines.

We were pleased with the intended design, to which we were able to make a worthwhile contribution. Our association believe that this playground could become a real hub for the community and a place where local people can get to know each other and enjoy spending time outdoors with their children and socialising. The only concern that some of our members have is that it may get vandalised.  However, that is a risk that all play areas are subject to. 

Sergeant Baxter who is responsible for policing the Chessington wards has given his full support for the project.

The play area is expected to be completed by the end of March 2018.


 ( f ) The Dell, Clayton Road – In our previous minutes we wrote about the large number of travellers that are living on this site. Whereas it should have no more than three or four families it currently has about thirty and they do not have access to any sanitary facilities.

The RBK Enforcement Officer advised us that he would be presenting reports to the Planning Committee to seek their authority to take enforcement action to cease unauthorised uses and to have the land cleared of all the developments associated with those uses. This month our association sent a follow up email and received the following reply:-


‘I am not in a position to report to the Planning Committee regarding the Dell or neighbouring sites at the moment. My work has had to stall for a short while as outside agencies are being asked to investigate the same sites, and their findings may make a significant difference to how we approach the planning issues. This is something we are treating as a priority, and are working closely with a number of agencies, including the local MP, to make progress on. My hope is that all external agencies will have finished their work by the end of winter and that I can pick it all up again at that point’.


We will continue to monitor this disturbing situation.




( g ) South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee Meeting 7th November -  This meeting began with a presentation by Katherine McDermott, Director of Planning & Primary Care Kingston and Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group.  Rob Robb one of the members on our Executive Committee reported:-

‘Her presentation was to inform Councillors and Residents of how Kingston CCG have taken over responsibility of Primary Care from NHS England and how they are driving services forward to make them more suitable and realistic for today’s population and demographics.


She went on to say they are carrying out a consultation with patients to get feedback on how they see their existing GP and Pharmacy Services and how they think they could be made more appropriate and fit for purpose bearing in mind the demanding  constraints on budget and availability of trained staff etc.


She also made it clear that it is a two way street and patients have also got to play their part in using the Primary Care Services responsibly e.g. notifying someone if a patient cannot make an appointment, the failure to do so being a loss of valuable GP’s time , money and the loss of an appointment to another patient.  Attending Accident and Emergency unnecessarily also creates similar problems.


Katherine and her team are doing a great job in engaging with their end Users\ patients and building up services at our Local GPs and local hospitals at Kingston, Epsom, the Surbiton Health Centre and Tolworth Hospital.


What we need now as part of this jigsaw is a long awaited review of local Public Transport  Services to join up these changes in Primary Care Services with fit for purpose public transport routes etc.


Rob has now written to Transport for London asking them to contact Katherine to arrange  a meeting or organise a small committee to review local transport services in the South of the Borough’.


( h ) Orchard Practice -  Dr Naseef from the Orchard Practice attended our meeting to explain the difficulties that they are having with their outdated building and to ask for our support in gaining permission to either upgrade their existing premises or to move to a new building.


Dr Naseef told the meeting that the Orchard Practice took an additional 2,000 patients when the Gosbury clinic closed. They now have 8,500 patients.


The building is very dated and barely fit for purpose.   Both the wiring and the plumbing are patched up.  In 2016 the NHS Property Services said that it was so bad that they should close down.  Obviously with this number of patients and nowhere to go this was not an option.  Although the property is owned by NHS Property Services the Orchard Practice spent about £30,000 of their own money in trying to smarten the place up. If the Orchard Practice was forced to close it would create a major crisis for the area.


The Orchard Practice  use some of the rooms in the Gosbury Hill clinic.  However, it would not be big enough to house all of the Orchard Practice.  Dr Naseef would ideally like to move into a modern site such as the one the Merritt Health Centre enjoys.  However, it is essential to remain close to where they, and the patients, are currently located.  As it would be difficult to find a building large enough in that area Dr Naseef is realistic and says that another possibility is that they could move into the Gosbury Hill Clinic temporarily whilst the Orchard Practice is completely modernised. Dr Naseef told the meeting that they had offered to buy their current building from the NHS Property Services but they refused to sell it to them.  Both the Leader of our Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group support Dr Naseef in this plan.  We also offered our support in for Dr Naseef’s endeavours.


( i ) Merritt Health Centre information evening on Mental Health -  This meeting was held on the 8th of November and organised by the Patients Participation Group.  The speakers were Dr Baikie, a senior partner at Hook Surgery, the Alzheimers Society and a gentleman from the Patients Expert Group.  One of our members who attended this gathering said that the evening was very informative.  He particularly praised Dr Baikie on her talk.




There were none.


( j ) 17/10416/OUT -  5 & 7 Bramham Gardens Outline Application - Demolition of existing Houses and erection of a development of 2 x 2 bedroom maisonettes and 6 x 4 bedroom  semi-detached houses.

Bramham Gardens is a circular development of six pairs of semi-detached houses constructed we think in the mid to late fifties. ( subsequently confirmed as 1952 ). With its central island, formerly a pond, it is a much loved place to live by a very settled and predominately retired group of residents with a good community and neighbourly atmosphere. This is very necessary as most of the houses have to co-operate in sharing part of their drives and road access to their houses which is very tight.  However, they love their roundabout and over the years have learnt to live with its restrictions and the Councils lack of attention to its upkeep.

It was unanimously agreed that we will object on the following grounds:-

1.    Overlooking issues. We cannot fully assess these as we feel there are some windows missing to the plans and elevations. The roof space bedrooms as drawn have no windows and the landings are going to be pretty dark.

2.    The roofs of the new houses will be different in form and height to that that predominates in the Close and the area generally.

3.    There will be a loss of mature trees.

4.    The drop kerb drives to the houses in the circular close virtually take up all of the road so there is  little ‘on street parking’.

5.    At this end of Clayton Road any free parking is full both day and night and that includes the entrance road to the close. There is no capacity to park more vehicles.


There will possibly be other reasons to object when our executive member in charge of planning investigates further prior to lodging our objection.


We have been advised that Councillor Margaret Thompson will endeavour to bring this application to the South of the Borough Neighbourhood Committee for consideration. We hope that this happens as our association believe that decisions on our local roads should be made by our local Councillors and not by Officers in the Guildhall who do not know our area or have any local commitment.

( k ) 17/10415/FUL –  358 Hook Road  - To extend 2 bedroom house into 1x3 & 1x2 bedroom flats. This application was discussed.  It was thought that the rooms were too small. We were also unhappy that a house, of which there is a short supply, should be knocked down and replaced by two flats of which there are far more. This is the third application.  We preferred the first application which included a four bedroom house.  However, for some reason that application was withdrawn.  We will object to this application.

( l )17/10404 – Land  opposite Chessington Sub station, Fairoak Lane -  Erection of proposed energy storage facility comprising 28 battery containers, 14 combined PCS and transformer enclosures, a modular substation building and ancillary plant and infrastructure  access within the site.

A bit of specialist knowledge is required to fully assess the implications and impact of this application.


As Fairoak Lane is covered by Malden Rushett Residents Association (MRRA) we contacted them to make sure that they are aware of this application.  They confirmed that they were in the process of looking at it.  We gave them our comments but will leave MRRA to respond to the application.  We will of course help if they request us to.



( m  )  Tolworth Area Plan - Towards the end of September’17 the Council issued a consultation an Area Plan for Tolworth (TAP)

We list under individual headings the main findings of the consultation with our Resident Association comments where appropriate



To promote better use of the Goals and Kingston University playing fields with a greater range of sports activities available not only for local inhabitants but the wider communities.


·        Based on the assumption that the stake holders will buy into this.


To improve connectivity from the station and Hook Rise South to King Georges Playing Fields (KGPF), the Chessington Industrial Estate(CIE) and across Jubilee Way into Tolworth Court Farm(TCF).


·        Leave the bunds around TCF alone. They are even more needed and necessary now to prevent the type of misuses that lead to their construction in the first place.

·        No firm commitments on best use for TCF.

·        What about a joint venture with Epsom & Ewell as they have a substantial boundary to TCF and their residents make use of this area.



To  deliver a low cost workspace to support local business in a small area between the entrance to the rail head and rail bridge off the A240 and development of a small commercial space above the existing Tolworth station

To intensify employment on both Chessington Industrial Estate (CIE) and Red Lion Business Park(RLBP)


·        We would query whether CIE can be actually be intensified. It is totally parked out with overspill into local residential roads.

·        The estate has many issues which appear not to have been picked up on. For one it is outside the Tolworth area so in theory it should be excluded. Other issues relate to problems with worker access via narrow residential roads with cars parked one side making them virtually single lane, extensive U/L from estate roads as older units do not have space for modern HGVs, backing large HGVs into yards due to lack of space, large HGVs being stacked up on double yellow lines waiting to be unloaded.

·        Concerns over the probability of even more extensive tailbacks on Jubilee Way.

·        Workers already park in  Red Lion Road so intensification of the RLBP would present an issue.

·        Nothing in plan to address the significant loss of office employment resulting from Tolworth Tower changing from mainly offices to residential use. Though Lidl will build up to over 700 new office jobs over the next decade we think more office jobs along the Broadway area would be beneficial.



Proposals for 8 storey block of flats in location of Esso filling station. A 14 storey ditto on the opposite end and side of the Broadway next to the roundabout and Hollywood Bowl to be reconfigured to incorporate another 14 storey block of flats. Combined some 300 to 325 flats.

We only found out in this consultation that Tolworth has been designated for an additional 2,000 housing units, the bulk of them flats, for the 10 year period 2016 to 2025


·        There is a target of 6,434 housing units set by the London Plan to be built between 2016 and 2025 in the whole of the borough. If 2,000 of these were built in the effective small area of Tolworth, as half of it is green belt and can’t be built on, this would represent 31% of the total requirement for the borough.



Improve and increase bus services to both the factory estates and a train station on the CIE. Encourage cycling, more cycle lanes and widening of pavements, as well as a walking slab over Tolworth roundabout.


·        With so many parked cars in our roads do we really want to make them even narrower and more hazardous by widening pavements with more cycle lanes?

·        Train station, pie in the sky. Additional buses may work but our impression is that most of the labour on the estates is relatively local thus cars will be the most favoured and cheapest option.

·        Is putting a lid over the roundabout actually feasible and affordable? 



The Tolworth Broadway retail experience needs improving and to be extended to improve connectivity south of the A3 on the west side towards the station.


  • Well we all know that retail is poor but the consultation was very limited in its suggestions as to how any improvement might be achieved.



1. At 188 pages the report is too long with too much repetition.

2. It could have been better researched and needs a bit of a reality check as some of its aspirations are not feasible or achievable. Some of the language used can only be best described as being presentational spin.

3. It gave the impression of having been brainstormed with every option and suggestion included even the wishful thinking ones.

4. A draft consultation with a panel of active and knowledgeable residents, prior to its issue, could have cut out a lot of the unrealistic suggestions and made it lot more succinct and relevant.

5. Residents comments ignored particularly in respect of excessive housing but this was probably at the instigation of the paymasters.

6. A complete new Local Plan is to be drawn up to replace the existing Core Strategy for the whole of the Borough over the next 4 years. Thus this consultation will probably be changed/revised so what was the point.

7. Absolutely nothing realistic about a resolution to the Tolworth interchange traffic issues and until this is resolved to resident’s satisfaction nothing much is going to happen. To be quite frank with Tolworth Tower Development, now on hold, the 705 St Georges Gate refused on appeal, the possible 950 scheme, on the same site, not yet presented for approval to the DCC nothing much is currently happening. Perhaps it would be good PR for those in the know to advise the local residents what actually is the current situation and timescales.

8. For all the proposed flat building on any piece of land that will accommodate them we will not end up with a  REMARKABLE Tolworth more a WRETCHED one.

Report written by Dick Ware,  CDRA Executive Member on Planning.


Our local Police were not available to attend our meeting.  However, they did send us the below report for which we are grateful.

Crime totals for the month of October

Chessington South - 58 crimes for the month. There were 6 burglaries. 2 of these were in maisonettes in Garrison Lane on the same day. There were  6 theft from motor vehicle. The majority of theft from motor vehicles occurred in large car parks associated with pubs /hotels.

Chessington North and Hook - 57 crimes for the month. There were 3 burglaries. Some property from one of these burglaries was found in a vehicle that was seized by police and the owner has been reunited with these items. There was 1 reported theft of a car. The car was found not long after the call to police, it was unattended with the engine still running. It was found  by a police dog unit in a road not too far from the owners home address. There have been 7 reports of theft from motor vehicle.  One of these reports is for theft of a catalytic convertor. One was possibly left unlocked and three had their window smashed.

Crime totals for September

Chessington South - 57 crimes

Chessington North and Hook - 33 crimes 

Sergeant Baxter organised a successful operation named Operation Harley which was the proactive Kingston strand of Operation Venice which targeted two wheeled vehicles.  The Operation ran in the borough for a week from the 16th October - 20th October and in this period there was a reduction in vehicle crimes as well as  a significant reduction in burglaries. This operation involved working with the Metropolitan Traffic Command, Metropolitan Dog Section, Kingston Crime Squad and Surrey Police.

Over the Halloween and Firework period we took part in Operation Autumn Nights where we were out and about on patrol on Halloween meeting and engaging with the children ensuring that there was no anti social behaviour (ASB) on the ward. As a result of this activity there was only one ASB related call in Chessington North which was after the team had gone off duty. Part of the engagement strategy was offering sweets to the children these were donated by local businesses in Chessington which made this possible.

If anybody would like more information on crime figures/types please get in touch You can find Chessington North and Hook Police on facebook. Chessington Souths page is coming soon. Chessington North and Hook have a new phone number 07342 713970



Ashton Davis Electrical Shop, Ace of Spades - Following the closure of this store which we were sorry to hear.  It was pointed out by one of our members that A3 Appliances have slightly better appointed premises.  They are along the south side of the A3 between Tolworth and New Malden, Tolworth Rise South. Their premises are small but they're still part of the Euronics group and with white goods needing to be truck-delivered, he has found 'A3' to be very helpful and obliging in organising such a delivery to home. Webpage:

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