Chessington District Residents Association is a voluntary, non political organisation working on behalf of the residents of Hook and Chessington.  The aim of the association is to ensure that residents have a strong meaningful voice on matters that have an impact on their community.


Membership costs only £3.00 per household for one year



Colin Punch, CDRA Chairman

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Some of Our Achievements during the Past Year

















Some of the ways we help our residents, our developing role and our future


Our residents association is a voluntary, non political, self funded organisation which works hard for the residents of Hook, Chessington and the South of the Borough. The aim of the association is to ensure that residents have a strong meaningful voice on matters that have an impact on our community.


We attend meetings and participate with health organisations, the Police, our schools and college, and our local Councillors. We pass on important information to you, our residents. We monitor planning applications and help our residents to object to any planning applications that will affect their quality of life.


Our community faces very great problems.  Our Council finances have diminished as Government support has decreased.  To save money the Council has radically cut the number of people it employs and shares some of its functions with neighbouring boroughs.  However, some cost simply cannot be cut.  For example we have an aging population to support.  Civic and community groups like ourselves, and many others, play an ever more valuable role in our society.  Our workload is greater than ever.  We need more members to step forward and help.




As an Association we try to monitor the changes concerning medical and health matters

Our members serve on the two Patient Participation Groups (PPG), the Orchard Practice and the joint Chessington Park and Hook Surgery.  These are committee’s whose role is to encourage a positive relationship and clear communication between the patients and the surgery staff, both medical and administrative.  Any changes or developments that take place within the surgeries are discussed at our monthly residents’ association meetings and printed in our minutes.

We also attend the monthly Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group (KCCG) meetings and report back on any important items.We have made a number of reports on major issues and decisions dealt with by the KCCG during the last year.


During the last month  we  worked with the Merritt Health Centre PPG  to help organise and publicise a week of talks, discussions and activities with Specialist Consultants, Practice Doctors, Paramedics and a Nutritionist.  We had very interesting talks on women and men’s health, diabetes, first aid as well as holding coffee mornings with the patients.  The week was designed to help us become more healthy and aware of what will keep us healthy.  It was a great success and we hope that it will be repeated again next year.





There are now two Ward Panel meetings, each of which are held quarterly.  One is for the two Chessington wards, that is Chessington, Hook and Malden Rushett, and the other for Tolworth and Hook Rise.  Sergeant Baxter is in charge of all three ward teams.  We have delegates attending  both meetings. These meetings are very informal, full of interest, and all residents are welcome to attend.  The details of their date, time and venue are given on our monthly committee meeting reports.  Our crime figures remain low by Kingston’s standards and very, very low by London’s standards.  To keep them that way we all need to understand the changes taking place within the Metropolitan Police.  We also need to understand how the Police will respond to incidents and the best way that we can make the system work.  Our Speaker, Superintendent Rob Applegarth, is a member of the senior management team for the new Unified Borough of Command.  He will be very informative.



Council Committees and Public Meetings


We continue to attend all of the Neighbourhood Committee meetings.Last year we reported that the political party leading the Council imposed a reduction in the number of Neighbourhood Committee meetings.They were previously monthly meetings. They now take place irregularly every few months.Very few planning applications came to the committee.The inevitable happened, public interest fell away and public participation fell away. The changes have not worked very well; they appear to have resulted in less,  rather than more, local democracy. In our associations opinion this made the work of our Councillors, who need engagement and dialogue with the community, more difficult. The new Council Administration has indicated that they wish to rejuvenate the neighbourhood committee system.  We live in hope.



Two Major Planning Applications


The Tesco/Meyer Bergman Tolworth Planning Applications


Work on these planning applications have again taken up an inordinate amount of our time this year.   

There have been legal arguments.  When the application to build 705 housing units was rejected by the Planning Inspectorate Meyer Homes, as they are now called, put in another application to build 950 units.  The last Council Administration delayed making a decision  by saying that they needed time to study the Mayor of London’s new guidance on planning issues.  Presumably the circus will get underway in the coming months when it will again be heard by the Council’s Development Control Committee.  This series of planning applications for this particular site have lasted for over ten years!   Our Residents Association team who deal with these planning issues led by Dick Ware and  Tolworth’sBridget Walker, deserve our praise and thanks for their expertise and fortitude.


Redevelopment of the Cap in Hand Public House at the Ace of Spades


This is another absurd and greedy planning application put forward by a developer.  The application is to demolish the old pub building and build 38 mixed housing units, up to seven stories in height, with only fourteen parking spaces.


The effect has been to galvanise the people who live in Haycroft  and  Gladstone roads, the  small houses behind the proposed development. All of the community are protesting.  If this development goes ahead they will be overlooked, lose a lot of their natural light, and have their roads jam packed with the cars from the residents of the flats.  We also think that building such a large development in close proximity to the Ace of Spades roundabout, which is already dangerous due to the amount of traffic that uses the roundabout, will make egress and access from the flats even more dangerous. Our Association is strongly against this planning application. The planning application came to the Neighbourhood Committee as a consultation item. The residents loudly protested!  The Planning Officers have yet to make up their minds to permit or refuse.  If they recommend to permit the application it will then be heard by the Development Control Committee at the Guildhall.



Executive Meetings


Our meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month at St Paul’s Centre, Hook Road at 8pm.  You are welcome to come and listen even if it is only for a short while.  If you have an issue we will try to assist you or put you in touch with the appropriate people.  We are in regular contact with our local Councillors, our MP and Council Officers. (We do not have a meeting in August).














Membership costs only £3.00 per household for one year




Executive Meetings

Our meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month at St Paul’s Centre, Hook Road at 8pm.  You are welcome to come and listen even if it is only for a short while. If you have an issue we will try to assist you or put you in touch with the appropriate people.  We are in regular contact with our local Councillors, our MP, Council Officers and the Police
















Join our Executive Committee

Diane Brannan our Membership Secretary says:- To achieve our objectives and to maximise the benefits we need active support and input from you, the local residents.  If you would like to help us make a difference, we are always looking for enthusiastic local residents to join our Executive Committee.













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